Ma vernithèque

A England

Ballerina – Dancing with Nureyev
Burne-Jones Dream – Briar Rose
Burne-Jones Dream – Fated Prince
Burne-Jones Dream – Rose Bower
Burne-Jones Dream – Sleeping Palace
Heavenly Quotes – She Walks in Beauty
The Gothic Beauties – Jane Eyre
The Gothic Beauties – Ophelia
The Legend – Ascalon
The Legend – Bridal Veil
The Legend – Dragon
The Legend – Princess Sabra
The Legend – Princess Tears
The Legend – Saint George
The Mythicals – Excalibur
The Mythicals – Holy Grail
The Mythicals – (New) Holy Grail
The Mythicals – King Arthur
The Mythicals – Lady of the lake
The Mythicals – Perceval
The Mythicals – Tristam

Above the Curve

Don’t Blink
The Tardis
Ruby Rohd

Agnès B

Candy’n coat – Frutti Fragola
Candy’n coat – Tutti Minty

Laque 7 days – Rose ballerine
Python n’coat – Rose boa
Python n’coat – Python verdigris
Stracciatella n’coat


Noir emerald
Perfectly flesh
Real red
Ruby slippers
Sequined turquoise
Violetta sparkle

Barry M

Gold Foil Effect
Aqua Glitter Nail Paint
Blue Glitter Nail Paint
The Glitterati – Catwalk Queen
The Royal Textured Glitter – Lady
The Royal Textured Glitter – Majesty


1 seconde n°09 Lavande esquisse
1 seconde n°22 Turquoise block
1 seconde n°25 Méli melon
1 seconde n°26 Blue no blues

China Glaze

Blush – White on white
Bohemian Luster – Want my bawdy
Haunting – Ghoulish Glow
Holiday Joy – Pizzazz
Hunger Games – Stone Cold
Island Escape – Papaya Punch
Magnetix 2 – Gold fusion
Prismatic – Optical Illusion
Romantique – Adore
Romantique – Harmony
Summer Days – Orange Marmalade
Summer Days – Raspberry Festival
Summer Days – Strawberry Fields
Summer Days – Watermelon Rind
Wizard of Ooh Ahz Returns – Ruby Pumps


Holographique – Absolute Zero
Holographique -Apollonia
Holographique – Bromine
Holographique – Convergence
Holographique – Cu2+
Holographique – Quarks


Tibetan Nights

Color Club

Blossoming – Blue-Ming
Blossoming – Blushing Rose
Blossoming – Diamond Drops


Bikini So Teeny – Bikini So Teeny
Bikini So Teeny – Cascade Cool
Bikini So Teeny – Mojito Madness
Bikini So Teeny – Off The Shoulder
Borrowed and Blue – Made To Honor
Breast Cancer Awareness 2012 – We’re in it together
Color is a Girl’s Best Friend – Lapis of Luxury
Color is a Girl’s Best Friend – Turquoise & Caicos
Dive Bar – Trophy Wife
In the cab-ana – First Timer
In the cab-ana – In the Cab-ana
In the cab-ana – Under Where ?
Leading Lady – Butler Please
Leading Lady – Beyond Cozy
Leading Lady – Leading Lady
Leading Lady – She’s Pampered
Love and Color – Walk Down The Aisle
Luxeffects – As Gold As It Gets
Luxeffects – Pure Pearlfection
Madison Ave-Hue – Avenue maintain
Madison Ave-Hue – Go ginza

Madison Ave-Hue – Hip-Anema
Madison Ave-Hue – Maximillian Strasse Her
Mirror Metallics – Blue Rapsody
Mirror Metallics – Good as Gold
Mirror Metallics – No Place Like Chrome (en stamping)
Mirror Metallics – Nothing else metals (en stamping)
Mirror Metallics – Penny Talk
Naughty Nautical – Naughty Nautical
Naughty Nautical – Sunday Funday
Navigate Her – Navigate Her
Navigate Her – Olé Caliente
Sweet Time of The Year – Mint Candy Apple
The Art of Spring – Lilacism
Repstyle – Crocadilly
Repstyle – Lil’boa peep
Repstyle – Repstyle
Repstyle – Snake, rattle and roll
Repstyle – Sssssexy

Il était un vernis

Beyond Words
In Teal We Trust
Juggling Glass Balls
Live, Love, Laugh
Something To Remember

I Love Nail Polish (ILNP)

1st and 15th
Admire me
Amanda Hugginkiss
Blue Steel
Cygnus Loop
Fall Semester
Indie Go
My Little Glacier
My Private Rainbow (L)
My Private Rainbow (S)
Northern Lights
Sweet Serenade
Washing Ashore
You’re my boy blue


n°231 Multicolour Paillettes Sparkle T.
n°246 Dark Cranberry Red Microglitter
n°261 Sparkle T. Pearly Amethyst
n°271 Sparkle T. Silver Multicolour
n°277 Blueberry Glitter
n°279 Yellow
n°280 Orange
n°281 Mango
n°293 Pansy
n°295 Cerulean Blue
n°298 Turquoise microglitter
n°300 Perly Malachite Green
n°315 Dark Mauve
n°318 Light Mauve
n°320 Beige Mauve
n°322 Caffe latte
n°323 Milk Chocolate
n°327 Granite Gray
n°336 Electric Blue
n°338 Light Lavender
n°343 Spring Green
n°344 Light Misty Green
n° 345 Jade Green
n°347 Dark Green
n°356 Melon
n°358 Peach Rose
n°360 Strawberry Pink
n°361 Raspberry Pink
n°372 Nude
n°375 Bois de Rose
n°376 Candy Pink
n°385 Pastel Blue
n°387 Turquoise
n°388 Caribbean Green
n°493 Vino Perlato
n°530 Pearly Blue Peacock

Cupcake n°651 Strawberry
Cupcake n°654 Anise

n°391 Grass Green
Frozen n°04 Northern Sea Blue
Hologram n°352 Esmerald Nebula
Holographic n°399 Silk Taupe
Holographic n°400 Steel Grey
Holographic n°401 Peacock Green
Holographic n°402 Jewel Pink
Mirror n°617 Taupe
Mirror n°618 Orchid Pink
Mirror n°619 Red Peony
Mirror n°622 Wisteria
Mirror n°625 Emerald
Mirror n°628 Gold
Rock-top n°606 Lilac
Sugar Mat n°639 Golden Mandarin
Sugar Mat n°640 Poppy Red
Sugar Mat n°641 Strawberry Pink
Sugar Mat n°643 Spring Green
Sugar Mat n°644 Sea Blue
Sugar Mat n°645 Burgundy
Sun Pearl n°428 River Green
Sun Pearl n°430 Chili Pepper Red
Sun Show n°475 Tropical blue


Plaques : m3, m5, m12, m14, m19, m26, m27, m29, m31, m33, m34, m35, m37, m38, m39, m53, m54, m56, m57, m59, m60, m61, m63, m64, m65, m66, m67, m71, m73, m79, m83, m84, m89, m90, s1, s4, s9
Vernis : argenté, blanc, noir et violet foncé

Layla Cosmetics

Bubbly Effect – Meringue Pie
Hologram Effect – n°07 Ocean Rush
Hologram Effect – n°10 Emerald Divine
Hologram Effect – n°14 Cloudy Violet

Lilypad Lacquer

Bite me
Edwardo the Barber
Emerald city
Immortal Soul
Life on the Darkside
Rebel at heart
Rolling in Rubies
The Wedding
To dance with a peacock
True Blood 2014
You Got My Attention

LM Cosmetic

Baroque – n°169 Métaphor
Crak noir
Crak or
Destination Espace – n°64 Mercure
Edition limitée Noël en beauté – n°24 Givre
Holographique – n°2 Silvershape
It’s so cold – n°123 Glacial
Les Gourmandises de Yoko – n°179 Cupcake
Louis XIV – n°103 L’Amant
Magnétique – n°1 Gamma
Magnétique – n°4 Tokamak
Magnétique – n°6 Rayon X
Magnétique – n°7 Jets
Magnétique – n°8 Plasma
Magnétique – n°9 Tritium
Magnétique – n°11 Energie
Magnétique – n°17 Polaris
Mon Amour – n°15 Pyaar
n°21 Noir
Supernova – n°114 Disparition
Western – n°53 Jesse James


Plaques 26 à 50

Models Own

Beetlejuice – Aqua Violet
Beetlejuice – Indian Ocean
Beetlejuice – Pinky Brown


Drop Of Teal
Teal The End

Nfu Oh

Glitter Colors n°GS07
Flakies n°38
Flakies n°39
Flakies n°48
Flakies n°54
Hologram n°61
Hologram n°62
Hologram n°63
Hologram n°64
Hologram n°65
Hologram n°66


Skyfall – Goldeneye
The Amazing Spider-man – Into the night (mini)
The Amazing Spider-man – Number One Nemesis (mini)
The Amazing Spider-man – Just Spotted The Lizard (mini)
The Amazing Spider-man – Your Web Or Mine ? (mini)
The Sheer tints – Be magentale with me
The Sheer tints – Don’t violet me down
The Sheer tints – I can teal you like me
The Sheer tints – I’m never amberrassed


‘Tis Is The Season – Glitz & Glamour
Fired Up – Flare
Fired Up – Smolder
Flash Glam FX – Mermaid Tale
Metal Chic – Glam Rock
Metal Chic – Iron Butterfly
Metal Chic – Solid gold (en stamping)
Mineral FX – Rock-It
Mineral FX – Stone Cold
Prisma Gloss – Gold
Prisma Gloss – Silver
Sugar Coated – Rock Candy
Surreal – Pixie Powder



Picture Polish

Sea Jewel

Rainbow Honey

Equestria – Celestia
The Final Battle – Diamond Dust
The Final Battle – Diamond Weapon
The Final Battle – Emerald Weapon
The Final Battle – Hellfire
The Final Battle – Judgement bolt
The Final Battle – Ruby Weapon
The Final Battle – Sapphire Weapon
The Final Battle – Terra Flare
The Final Battle – Tidal Wave
The Final Battle – Ultimate Weapon
The Robot – Bitty Love Bot

The Summer of 199X – Magic Cake
The Summer of 199X – The Kraken

Rimmel London

Green with envy
Sky high



Ruby Wing

Les Classiques – Gypsy
Les Classiques – Meadow
Les Classiques – Moonstone

Les Classiques – Sweet Rose
Spring Garden – Lily
Spring Garden – Peony

Too Fancy Lacquer

Peacock Parade
Velvet Nights

Yves Rocher

Argent Céleste
Bleu des bermudes
Bleu nuit
Cerise noire
Craquelé – Bleu méditerranée
Éclat d’argent
Framboise jelly
Hibiscus rouge
Menthe tropicale
Or scintillant
Rose à l’eau
Rose nymphéa
Rose pastel
Rouge jelly
Rouge scintillant
Songe bleu
Touche de rose
Vert canard


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